Feverish Fiction

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Issue #1: (Dec 27) 24 p.
“The Prized Bottle” (Justin A. Mank)
“Amelia and the Coffin Plant” (Alex S. Johnson)
“Sea Witch’s Grotto” (Ashley Dioses)
“Mrs Krampen” (Patrick Winters)
“Krampus” (K.A. Opperman)
“Mama Lovebeast” Konstantine Paradias)
Art by Paul Boswell
“Dream of the Rarebit Fiend” (Winsor McCay)


Issue #2: (Jan 28)  24 p.
“Canvases” (Lucas Mangum)
“A Virgin Among the Frankenwitches” (Alex S. Johnson)
“In the Dungeon” (K.A. Opperman)
“Story of  Space-Ship, 12 Little Men Probed Today” (Joe Dorris)
“Other Me” (C.M. Saunders)
“The Happiest Place on… Well, You Know” (Nycole Laff)
January pin-up (Alberto Vargas art)
Comic panel by Justin A. Mank


Issue #3: (Feb 24)  24 p.
“Mistress Daemona” (K.A. Opperman)
“Serial Serendipity” (Patrick Winters)
“Saturday Night Cinema Club” (S.C. Burke)
“The Black Light Glyphs” (Manchester Monroe)
“The Old Spying Game” (James McLachlan)
February pin-ups (Stephanie Riley – Ria Fend – Rahel Kapsaski)
Art by Paul Boswell, Andy Hosegood and Justin Coons


Issue #4: (Mar 28)  24 p.
“Amidst the Mangrove” (Lee Clark Zumpe)
“The Occult Gate of the Comic Book Writer” (Jerry Williams)
“Automaton Word Wounds” (S.C. Burke)
“The Penis Goblins” (Justin A. Mank)
“Planet of the Volcano Spiders” (Alex S. Johnson)
“Statue Playmate” (Donald Armfield)
March Pin-up posters: Pamela Green + Roberta Pedon
Art by Terry Bizarro


Issue #5: (Apr 22)  24 p.
“Orlok’s Mirror” (Adam Millard)
“Blood Fetishist” (Lee Clark Zumpe)
“Aleena the Pitiful She-Devil – part one – (Lucas Mangum)
“Cosmic Auto Trauma” (S.C. Burke)
“Beauties in Black” (K.A. Opperman)
April Pin-ups (Sierra – Cherie – Temptation – Helga Silvertitz)


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